What does Facebook ‘At Work’ Mean for you?

Facebook @ Work Maybe you might have seen a few articles about it, maybe your business has already received a invite, but in the next upcoming months, Facebook will launch its new it’s new subscription based collaboration network for businesses to create a “work feed” for employees and create a better work flow. It’s similar…

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Mastering the Art of Social Media

Our most recent partnership with OSBN, the Omaha Small Business Network, to help them create a stronger social presence on Facebook and the launch of a new e-mail newsletter to help promote the newest series of short videos to highlight what they can do and accomplish for their clients. We’ve spent a lot of that time talking up how social…

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Content is More than Just a Few Words

Just had some thoughts and ideas running through my mind and I wanted to write them down, and share them before they slip away… Content is Our Story The intensity of emotion we can feel for ourselves and those close to us can never be overlooked. A recent psychology study showed volunteers two types of photos:…

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Native Omahan Days <3s Facebook

At Content Canoe, we work hard to keep up with the day to day needs of clients, even things as simple orderly upkeep. Our focus with our client OEDC, the Omaha Economic Development Corporation, is keeping local interests up to date with their latest in community growth and development, and announcing their latest business partnerships and…

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I Resolve For 2015

New year. New you. New rules. We all know we love to look at the possibilities of the fresh hopes that comes with the year. As always people love to list what they resolve to do and don’t do for the new year, and we aren’t any different here! I Resolve to Ask Myself “Why”…

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“There’s a whole otther world out here on the Internet.” That’s a common feeling, when we decied the internet is not for us. whether we’re too old or not smart enough, or whatever excuse we decide to settle on, when really, the decision is “this place is not for us.” It doesn’t have to be…

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LOOKING ACROSS THE HORIZON In the last few years, there has been a growing shift in content creation for the internet—now upwards of 90 percent of what is online viewing and content production is first viewed online as video content, and it’s increasing everyday. Many marketers are turning to video to promote their brand. For some…

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Let a Content Canoe video tell your story

We are finally done after months in the making. We wanted to share an animation short we made at Content Canoe of our mascot, ‘Bo Rowan’,  as he goes on a heroic journey to fight off one of the biggest problems small business have today, web and social media content/management.  Watch as Bo explains about…

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A Quick Guide to Social Media Marketing

Many say the difference between Social Media Managers and Digital Marketeers can be very confusing. From Promoted Posts (Boosted), Post Ads and Sponsored Stories. Content Canoe will give you a quick guide on what to look for so you can have the best results with your social media marketing. Glossary Post Ads:  Pay to use…

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Making Great Facebook Status is an art form

If you aren’t sharing your content on Facebook, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Why? Because Facebook has over one billion active users! Now, by no means are you going to be able to reach one billion users…or even 1% of them. But the beautiful part is, if you reach even .01% of the total user base, that’s…

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