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Many small business owners tell us again and again, “We can’t keep up with our website and social media.” They say, “I don’t have time to learn new skills, keep up with more work and definitely can’t afford to hire new staff; but we know if we don’t do this our business will fail or competitors will put us out of business.”

That’s where Content Canoe comes in. What’s Content Canoe you ask? Content Canoe automates the content for your website and social media needs. Our content services include writing, video, photos, graphics and audio on your website as well as social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others.

Content Canoe has an amazing staff of creative professionals: directors, producers, writers and designers. They will help you setup a powerful strategic content plan that is tailored to your businesses needs. Not some cookie-cutter plan. Content Canoe is like having your own media/marketing team without the large overhead. This way you can stay competitive, inform/engage clients and keep your business growing. And to top it off, it’s priced on a “monthly subscription” so you can keep a steady budget which is going to help big time with cash flow.

So, what are you waiting for!? Connect with more people and grow your business. Contact Content Canoe today by email or phone and start your amazing content adventure.


The Dilemma

The Dilemma

The dilemma is, clients will hire us to produce, say a video, and even though they have an excellent video, clients are still unsure where to place it, how often to share, and when best to do so. Failure to plan content updates causes budget and cash-flow issues and not having consistent content, causes poor results in reaching target markets.

These are all critical issues when it comes to your presence on the web and in running a modern business or organization.

<p>The Solution

The Solution

Content Canoe’s ‘Content Subscription Plans’ accomplishes these goals.

1.   Automates your content for your web and social media.
2.   Compete with larger companies and operate with less overhead, giving you optimal results.
3.   Keep your budget on point and cash-flow more consistent.
4.   We act as a virtual marketing and creative department.
5.   Stay relevant with consistent, up-to-date content.
6.   No additional training needed.


Content Canoe “Your amazing web content solution made simple.”


Content is more then a pretty picture,

% Businesses Use Web
% Use Web for Purchase Decisions.
% Outsource Content Marketing.
% or more is spent on Content Marketing

content is how the world sees you.

Our Crew

Exemplary and Dedicated with Passion, Vision and Creativity is why so many choose us.


Crew Captain

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Just a few AWSOME clients we work with.

Salem Baptist Church Omaha  Empowerment Network Omaha  No More Empty Pots  Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts   Leonum Advisors   Surreal Media Lab

Our Duty

Our Crew is ready to take you on an amazing adventure with years of experience and the creativity to get you to any destination.

Solid Plan

Your website, your social network and the content that makes it all up. We can guide you through your journey to successful content management.

Steps to Success.
  • STEP 1 We evaluate.
  • STEP 2 Provide a report.
  • STEP 3 We provide a solution.
  • STEP 4 We begin our plan.



Flowing Content

 Having a steady stream of good, quality content is critical to how your business/organization is viewed by others. See what Content Canoe can do for you.

Content Stream
  • Visuals
    (Photos • Video • Animation • Graphic)
  • Social
    (Setup • Content • Growth • Manage)
  • Web
    (Content • Photos • Video • Graphic)
  • Written
    (News • Stories • DIY’s  • White Papers…)

Smooth Sailing

Beyond the basics, we can map out places beyond the borders of traditional web and social media. Set your sites high knowing Content Canoe can get you there.

The Adventure Continues
  • Television
  • Mobile + Apps + Games
  • Podcasts
  • eNewsletter, eMagazine, eBook
  • SEO / Local Searches


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What our Clients say

  • I have been in the media/news for past 15 years and Content Canoe is some of the best I have ever seen. With out them we could not reach so many people with our non-profit mission.

    Willie Barney, Empowerment Network Omaha
  • We needed a solution to some of our website, video and other media needs and Content Canoe came to the rescue.

    Adonica, Salem Baptist Church
  • When I first started I needed to keep up with larger companies and having the right image. Cost and quality is always a big factor. Now, Content Canoe is the only company I trust to keep me up-to-date with the best content.

    Bobby Brumfield, Leonum Advisors


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